A More In-depth Review – AB 168, AB 1008, AB 1701, SB 63

Admin   January 26, 2018

We are providing you a more in-depth analysis of some of the new employment laws that went into effect January 1, 2018. Not only do we believe these laws are pertinent; they also attracted the most interest and concern from our clients. Below you will find more details on the new laws, including practical considerations and suggestions. The laws discussed below are AB 168 (Salary History Inquiries), AB 1008 (Criminal […]


New Employment Laws for 2018

Admin   October 20, 2017

Earlier this week Governor Brown signed the last bills for the year. This newsletter provides brief summaries of the new employment laws most likely to affect the clients of Holden Law Group. We also outline significant bills that were vetoed as they provide a glimpse of employment law changes we can expect in the future. The new laws described will be effective January 1, 2018, unless otherwise noted. Full copies […]


Fire Season Sparks Requests for Leave under California Volunteer Civil Services Entitlements

Katherine Piasente   October 13, 2017

During this time of crisis in California, as many regions are battling unrelenting fires, employers may find themselves faced with an increase of time off requests from employees requesting leave in order to perform volunteer firefighter or emergency rescue duties in support of relief efforts relating to the ongoing emergency status of these regions. While many employers may be apt to voluntarily approve such time off based upon the good […]


Junior Achievement of Sacramento’s Fundraising Event, The Crazy Bowl

Admin   September 29, 2017

Holden Law Group is proud to contribute to Junior Achievement of Sacramento’s fundraising event, The Crazy Bowl. The proceeds raised are used to fund programs that support curriculum in local classrooms. The education is focused on financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship. The JA organization does this by recruiting and training local business leaders, community leaders and educators to become volunteer teachers in local classrooms. The goal is to develop […]


Protecting Your Attorney-Client Privilege – Billing Statements

Ariana Powell   September 20, 2017

Businesses receive invoices and billing statements from vendors all the time. Typically, they are checked for accuracy and passed on to the accounts payable department. It becomes a routine often taken for granted: Just the shuffle of paperwork. But, when it comes to billing statements from your attorneys, you should be careful with the paperwork shuffle. Years ago statements from attorneys were simple; the sentence “For services rendered” and a […]


DOL Final Overtime Rule Was Overruled

Adrian Hoppes   September 1, 2017

As many of you recall, late last year employers’ were frantic with the pending federal overtime rule which would have also affected California employers. The rule, once in effect, would have doubled the minimum salary for exempt employees who followed the Fair Labor Standards Act. In California, it would have increased exempt employee salaries by at least $4,000.00.  In late November, just days before the rule took effect, a Texas […]


A Government Agenda Not To Be Denied

Steve Holden   August 29, 2017

Employers in California should be concerned about our government. Government officials want to control how employers do business. That’s not new. What may be new is the depth to which the officials will go to control things. A glimpse of that depth can be seen in a lawsuit filed this week by the Employment Development Department (EDD) in the Sacramento County Superior Court. EDD is essentially suing itself in order […]


Oregon’s New Predictive Scheduling Law May Also Be Predictive of California’s Future?

Katherine Piasente   August 15, 2017

While it is normally California forging the way in complex employment law trends, Oregon beat California to the punch with their new Predictive Scheduling law. Effective July 01, 2018, large Oregon employers of Retail, Hospitality and Food Service businesses must provide “predictive” schedules to their employees. This new law includes requirements to provide median hours the employee can expect to work at the time of hire; seven day notice requirements […]