Protecting Your Attorney-Client Privilege – Billing Statements

Ariana Powell   September 20, 2017

Businesses receive invoices and billing statements from vendors all the time. Typically, they are checked for accuracy and passed on to the accounts payable department. It becomes a routine often taken for granted: Just the shuffle of paperwork. But, when it comes to billing statements from your attorneys, you should be careful with the paperwork shuffle. Years ago statements from attorneys were simple; the sentence “For services rendered” and a […]


DOL Final Overtime Rule Was Overruled

Adrian Hoppes   September 1, 2017

As many of you recall, late last year employers’ were frantic with the pending federal overtime rule which would have also affected California employers. The rule, once in effect, would have doubled the minimum salary for exempt employees who followed the Fair Labor Standards Act. In California, it would have increased exempt employee salaries by at least $4,000.00.  In late November, just days before the rule took effect, a Texas […]


A Government Agenda Not To Be Denied

Steve Holden   August 29, 2017

Employers in California should be concerned about our government. Government officials want to control how employers do business. That’s not new. What may be new is the depth to which the officials will go to control things. A glimpse of that depth can be seen in a lawsuit filed this week by the Employment Development Department (EDD) in the Sacramento County Superior Court. EDD is essentially suing itself in order […]


Oregon’s New Predictive Scheduling Law May Also Be Predictive of California’s Future?

Katherine Piasente   August 15, 2017

While it is normally California forging the way in complex employment law trends, Oregon beat California to the punch with their new Predictive Scheduling law. Effective July 01, 2018, large Oregon employers of Retail, Hospitality and Food Service businesses must provide “predictive” schedules to their employees. This new law includes requirements to provide median hours the employee can expect to work at the time of hire; seven day notice requirements […]


Managers are Exempt from Overtime, Right?

Steve Holden   August 11, 2017

Not necessarily. Too many employers think the “manager” title equals overtime exemption. They are wrong. This week the California Labor Commissioner’s Office proudly announced that it issued a $903,084 citation to a fast food franchise owner because the company misclassified its managers as exempt employees. This citation is a harsh reminder that not all managers can be classified as exempt. The Labor Commissioner’s Office opened an investigation after receiving a […]


New Regulation Effective July 01, 2017

Katherine Piasente   July 28, 2017

It is time again for your mid-year policy and Employee Handbook checkup!  For those who are not aware, Labor Code 230.1 codifies employees’ rights regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Effective July 01, 2017 employers must inform each of its employees in writing about his or her rights under the established law. The regulation requires information be provided directly to employees at the time of hire and upon request […]


Prevailing Wages: Small Project Exemption Clarified

Steve Holden   July 3, 2017

Contractors who are new to public works or who only take on public works projects infrequently may misunderstand the “small project exemption.”  The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently issued a clarification notice to minimize the misunderstanding. A contractor who fits within the small project exemption is not required to register with the DIR as a public works contractor and is not required to file certified payroll reports electronically.  The […]


New Transgender Regulations Effective July 1, 2017

Adrian Hoppes   June 30, 2017

The DFEH has been progressive in updating regulations to expand protections for transgender employees against discrimination. In April of 2016 new definitions were provided which included sex, gender identity, gender expression, and transgender.  Effective July 01, 2017, new transgender identity and expression regulations will take effect, which may impact employment policies you have in place. Below are the relevant changes which should be reviewed against your current policies and practices. […]