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Holden Law Group is so proud and privileged to work with so many amazing clients! We truly value our relationships and partnerships, and work hard to support California businesses to thrive in their communities and industries. Periodically, we like to highlight specific clients that we believe should be recognized for their contributions and successes to their communities, employees, services, environmental efforts, etc.

At this time, we would like to introduce the client below as our Featured Client. Please take a moment to review the highlights we have put together. We are sure you will find the same inspiration and feel-goods we do in learning about all the amazing things they have accomplished!


A Family Farm since 1918, Gorrill Ranch has not only been a successful rice farm for over 100 years, but it is also a part of a very small percentage (4%) of American family-owned businesses to reach the fourth-generation. Corrie Davis is a fourth-generation family member and the farm’s managing partner and chairwoman. The business is led by the family, including third and fourth-generations in leadership positions. Over the years, Gorrill has supported and been involved in many environmental and community projects.

One of the most impressive being the Butte Creek Salmon Restoration Project. The Gorrill ‘Fish Screen and Ladder Project’ was part of a larger effort on Butte Creek to restore 25 miles of unimpeded flows along the middle reaches of the tributary, comprising one of the nation’s most significant fisheries restoration efforts. In addition to restoring the creek for the benefit of spring-run salmon, these projects also effectively divert water for the benefit of farms, birds, and other species along the Pacific Flyway. The Butte Creek project is touted as the keystone project in preserving the spring-run which has resulted in over 10,000 regularly returning adult salmon from a low of only a few hundred in the early 1990’s.

Gorrill Ranch has a proven track record for providing quality product for over 100 years. California’s rice supply is grown and harvested on just 500,000 acres of California land. Gorrill Ranch has also mastered the art of growing almonds, walnuts, and pecans. While maintaining quality in their products and taking on environmental projects, the ranch’s electricity is 100% powered using renewable solar energy.

There are just so many amazing things we could say about Gorrill Ranch! We truly value our relationship with Gorrill Ranch and hope others will take a moment to learn about their rich and interesting history and all the positivity they bring to the Sacramento Valley!

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