Human Resource Consulting & Support

The changing workforce and volume of confusing employment regulations make managing the employment relationship extremely burdensome.  From the details of wage and hour regulations to the ever-changing rules on employee benefits, employers today must either become experts in human resources or get expert help.  We know human resources and we know how to help you manage your people.  Our human resource professionals have extensive experience and a client-first mentality.

Your HR Professional Program

Compliance with all the laws governing the employment relationship and the avoidance of liability requires an understanding of the applicable rules and the best methods for implementation of employment policies.   We know the rules in detail and have broad experience communicating those details to clients and in developing policies that make operational sense.  The Your HR Professional Program provides access to a human resource consultant whenever needed.  These professionals will answer clients’ unique questions and provide strategic solutions designed to reduce cost and exposure to employment claims.  This off-site service provides prompt and practical guidance via telephone, email or virtual communications.

Human Resource Management Development

This service is designed to help your company analyze and rebuild current HR functions, roles and procedures. The service provides significant economic advantages, while offering a temporary solution and support for a vacant HR role, recruiting for a new HR Professional and/or the development of internal HR support staff. The actual services provided vary based upon your unique needs and desires. Services can include:

  • Auditing of human resource functions, documentation procedures, information storage, etc.
  • Supporting your team with implementation and/or reorganization of human resource infrastructure
  • On-going training of the human resource department
  • Employee training
  • Personnel issue support for your HR team, including pre-termination reviews and exit interviews
  • Guidance and support for upper management

Employment Policy & Practice Audits

More often than not, employers are not even aware of problematic policies and practices.  Audits are the best way to make sure a client does not have unsuspected exposure.  Our audits will vary in scope based on client need, but generally involved several carefully planned phases.  The first phase begins with an initial client consultation to formulate and communicate the framework for the audit.  The audit then moves into a discovery phase consisting of a document review and client interview process. The audit is concluded with a comprehensive report that is discussed in a final consultation with the client.  The results provide clients with solid information on what problems exist, if any, and a suggested priority for resolving them. Some of the areas reviewed during the Audit include:

  • Review of employee handbook(s), drug and alcohol program(s) and similar documents.
  • Review personnel forms such as applications, counseling forms, leave of absence forms, etc.
  • Review of independent contractor relationships.
  • Review of exempt/nonexempt employee classifications.
  • Review of general wage and hour compliance.
  • Review of employment contracts and trade secret agreements.

Custom Employee Handbook Program

Because most issues and claims can be avoided with properly designed policies, we created an unequalled process for developing the very best employee handbook. The Handbook Program provides clients with custom tailored policies and expert guidance in making policy decisions that best suit the organization.

It includes the development of a new employee handbook that contains key employment policies and essential preventive devices. The Program includes extensive consultation to customize the handbook policies to fit the client’s needs, to discuss recommended changes and to plan implementation strategies.

Development of Employment Policies

Employment policies can be the make-or-break piece of evidence in an employment claim. Properly constructed policies can virtually eliminate some common claims. Policies and employee handbook templates are available for a wide variety of sources. Many are available at no cost. Many are also worse than no good. In order to serve their function of improving operations and minimizing exposure, employment policies must fit the employer’s unique circumstances and must be written with the knowledge of how the words will be used in litigation. We are experts in the development of polices that give clients the greatest flexibility and freedom of operation while protecting the client to the fullest. That is no small task, and something that many human resource and legal professionals simply cannot do.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies and Programs

In many industries dealing with employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a daily occurrence.  In others, it is more sporadic, but no less difficult.  Employers who test for drugs and alcohol must navigate a variety of state and federal laws.  We know the laws and how to navigate them in the most effective and efficient ways.  We assist clients in the development of testing programs and the communications and documentation related to the testing.

An HR Consultant will prepare a Drug and Alcohol Program.  This program includes:

  • Drug and alcohol policies and procedures for pre-employment screening and testing of existing employees
  • Consent and release forms
  • Can be designed to meet Drug-Free Workplace Act standards

Available in DOT and non-DOT versions.

Human Resource Services for InterWest Clients

INW_4C-LLCWe have developed special programs for the clients of InterWest Insurance Services.  In all cases, the clients of InterWest receive significant savings, and in some cases the services may be entirely underwritten by InterWest.  If you are a client of InterWest, do not miss out on what is available.  Contact your broker or Katy Gravatt at